Our Mission

Belly Dance New England (BDNE)’s mission is to promote and support the New England belly dance community by publishing regional news, event information, and instruction/class information in an easy-to-use and consumable format. BDNE provides a single gateway for such information and encourages sharing among community members to increase the success of community and dancer-sponsored events. Educational and editorial articles and podcasts are also provided in an effort to enrich and support the dance community. BDNE is committed to the growth and diversity of the New England belly dance community and does not discriminate on basis of color, creed, sex, or dance genre.

BDNE is an online resource to the dance community. Our goal is to unite dancers across state lines, by keeping them informed on workshops, festivals, class listings, & events. We wish to empower our subscribers with educational resource to help enhance their journey within this art form.

Alizah Afet (Amy Smith), Belly Dance New England founder and creator of BDNE est.1998


Content Submission

BDNE is committed to sharing information and educating the belly dance community as a whole. Dancers are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience through articles and event reviews (“Sequins of Events”) for BDNE. Anyone interested in contributing should contact the editor of BDNE regarding opportunities. Articles as well as event and product reviews written for BDNE become the property of BDNE, although proper credit will be given to the contributor. The opinions expressed in an article are those of the contributor(s). BDNE reserves the right to not publish any article containing incorrect, libelous, or discriminatory information. BDNE also reserves the right to edit content for grammar and clarity. The final decision to publish is that of the editor of BDNE alone.

Content Copyright

BDNE is the copyright holder of electronic and print materials created by BDNE. BDNE holds the copyright to all content submitted by third parties until publication, whereupon copyright reverts to the authors. BDNE reserves the right to make third-party content available to readers in its archives. Materials will be marked with the copyright symbol and the year of publication: © 2016 Belly Dance New England or © 2016 BDNE

Advertising and Event Posting

When photos are supplied by an individual, event organizer, or photographer, permission to use them is implied. It is up to the individual or event organizer to ensure that permission has been granted by the creator and the subjects, and that appropriate photo credits are provided to BDNE. BDNE is not liable for any photo subject or copyright infringement that occurs when the photo is provided by an outside source. Photographs appearing in BDNE are not available through BDNE for public usage outside of the BDNE publication as they are under copyright to the dancer, event promoter, or photographer.

Advertising and Event Posting Policies

  • BDNE encourages all performers, teachers, and studios to advertise on the website for a small fee, including an option to be listed in reference pages continuously as a resource for those seeking that information.

  • BDNE encourages event promoters of non-fundraiser events to advertise for a small fee on the website, as well as be listed in the Events calendar. Planners are encouraged to list events as soon as the date is set, no matter how far in advance: others often use this calendar as a way of planning what to go to and when to sponsor events of their own to avoid conflicts.

  • BDNE provides event listings at no cost for events that are fundraisers for a non-profit charity (generally a 501 3c organization). This does not apply to events that raise money for specific individuals or for dance studios; however, promoters for these events may pay an advertising fee to have these events listed and promoted on BDNE.

  • In an effort to support professionalism and respect among dancers, BDNE does not promote or list events for which dancers must pay to perform. It is the belief of the publisher of this publication that dancers who donate their performance to an event should not also be required to donate funds. If a dancer chooses to donate an item for raffle or auction or funds toward the cause, they must do so of their own choice. It should not be a deciding factor in their being allowed to perform at the event.

  • While venues such as nightclubs and restaurants who hire dancers are encouraged to advertise with BDNE, individual performances of dancers hired to perform at these venues will not be posted. It is the responsibility of the venue itself to advertise, not the individual dancer.

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